Ice Fishing for Wakasagi on Mt. Akagi


Ōnuma Lake, atop Mt. Akagi, is full of small fish called wakasagi, or Japanese pond smelt. When the lake freezes over in the winter, you can go ice fishing for wakasagi. Drill a hole in the ice, drop in your line, and see if you can lure in some of these small, tasty fish!

Beginners welcome! Several shops around the lakeshore rent and sell ice-fishing equipment. If you let the shop owner know it’s your first time, they’ll show you how to fish and use the equipment. They’ll also deep-fry the fish you catch free of charge! Just the view from the ice itself is also beautiful.


By public transport: 60 – 80 minutes by bus from Maebashi Station (North Exit, Bus Stop #6) or Chuomaebashi Station.

By car: About 70 minutes from any of the following highway exits: Maebashi IC (Kan-etsu Expressway); Akagi IC (Kan-etsu Expressway); Isesaki IC (Kita Kanto Expressway)


〒371-0101 Gunma, Maebashi, Fujimimachi Akagisan, Lake Onuma
Season Opens:mid-January - end of May
Open Everyday7:00AM-4:00PM