E-bike Tours Around Mt. Akagi


Explore the beautiful Japanese countryside via electric-assist bicycle! Akagi Trip’s bike tour guides will show you the way.


What is an electric-assist bicycle, or e-bike? It’s like a regular bicycle, but with a small electric motor that makes pedaling easier. Biking up slight inclines with the assist feels like pedaling across flat ground, and steep slopes feel like gentle hills. You can adjust how much power the assist gives you, for a workout or a more relaxed ride.


Mt. Akagi boasts 1,800 meters of lush nature, from its rolling foothills to the two caldera lakes on top. E-bike tour routes include flower-viewing spots in the spring and colorful foliage in the fall, plus visits to shrines and other cultural sites. There are plenty of stops along the way for local snacks including fresh produce and tofu, and authentic Japanese lunches in quiet shops.

One route option might take you across the foot of the mountain, down a riverside cycling road, and through downtown Maebashi for a taste of modern culture as well. Another possible route will take full advantage of those electric assist pedals as you enjoy a moderate climb up the mountain for great views, take a beautiful loop around Mt. Akagi’s big caldera lake, and then cruise back down.

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And see a tour video here: https://youtu.be/-bOcr6z9EP0


Price Range and Availability

Tours are available from April – November.

Group tours (Japanese only) run about once a month and usually last around 3-5 hours. They usually cost about ¥5,000 per person. Check Akagi Trip’s Facebook page for upcoming tour dates.

Private tours (English available) can be scheduled based on availability, and they are fully customizable. Inquire about booking through Facebook or this form.

Private tour fees vary based on length and other factors, but the general range for a 5-hour tour is about ¥50,000 for 2 people, +¥3,000 per additional person

All tour fees include e-bike rental fees, guide fees, insurance, and snacks.



Tour start and end points vary by tour, but here are the main ones.

Chuo Maebashi Station: Located on the Jomo Denkitetsudo Line. A 13 min walk from Maebashi Station, OR take the Chuo Maebashi bound shuttle bus from Maebashi Station Bus stop No.3., about 8 minutes.

Akagi Visitor’s Center: Take a bus from Maebashi Station North Exit, Bus Stop #6 bound for Fujimi Onsen, then transfer at Fujimi Onsen to a bus bound for Akagi Visitor Center. Takes 60 – 80 minutes total. Direct buses from Maebashi Station available on weekends.



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