Watarase Keikoku Line Old-Fashioned Train


Take a ride on an old-fashioned open-air train via the Watarase Keikoku Line!

This is the Watarase Keikoku Railway in Midori City, Gunma. It runs along the Watarase Gorge and connects Kiryu City (Gunma) to Nikko City (Tochigi). This old-fashioned trolley offers beautiful nature views as it winds along the Watarase Gorge. There’s something to look forward to in each season whether it’s cherry and peach blossoms in spring, green trees in summer, autumn leaves in fall, or illuminations in winter. There are also several sightseeing spots along the way where visitors can disembark and enjoy themselves including Mizunuma Onsen, Former Hanawa Elementary School Museum, and the Sayado-Ohata Hanamomo Road.

Important Information about the Watarase Keikoku Open-Air Train:  

This particular old trolley car only makes 1-2 round trips per day depending on the season so be sure to check the time table if you want to catch a ride.

Time Table for December 2019 – March 2020

Time Table for April 2020 – November 2020

Visitors can purchase tickets for this old trolley car from Kiryu Station, Aioi and Omama, and Tsudo stations along the Watarase Line. Ticket prices vary according to how long you plan on riding the train but a one day pass is available for ¥1,850 in addition to the ¥510 boarding pass fee. You cannot purchase tickets online but if you are in Japan you can use Loppi machines to buy tickets at Lawson or Mini Stop convenience stores.

This train does not accept IC cards (i.e. Passmo or Suica).


Kiryu Station, 13 Suehirocho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma 376-0045