Getting to Gunma


The closest major airports to Gunma are Narita Airport (Tokyo area) or Haneda Airport (Tokyo). There are direct buses to various cities in Gunma from either airport.

From within Japan, Gunma has direct shinkansen access from Tokyo and other prefectures. Click below for routes and train info.


From the airport: Narita | Haneda

From Tokyo: Tokyo Station | Shinjuku Station | Shibuya Station

From Saitama: Omiya

From Nagano: Nagano Station | Karuizawa

From Tochigi: Nikko

From Niigata: Niigata Station



Q: How do I figure out what train to use?

A: For up-to-date, accurate information about trains in Japan we recommend one of the following websites:

  1. Google Maps – all-English, convenient, accurate BUT lacks some of the route-option tools that other sites have
  2. Hyperdia – all-English, accurate, has several route-option tools (including first/last train, no-shinkansen, cheapest vs. fastest, etc.)
  3. Transit Yahoo JapanJapanese-only BUT accurate and has the most route-option tools compared to other sites
  4. NavitimeJapanese-only BUT accurate, easy to navigate, and has a lot of route-option tools


Q: Can I use my Japan Rail Pass?

A: If the train or bus you are riding is operated by JR (including shinkansen, limited express, express, rapid, and local trains and buses) then your pass is valid.

All of the trains mentioned in our list are JR – with the sole exception of the Tobu Limited Express coming from Tobu Nikko Station in Tochigi.


Q: Which JR Area Passes are valid in Gunma?

A: All of the following passes are valid in Gunma: the Tokyo Wide Area Pass, the JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass, and the JR East Tohoku Area Pass, in addition to the all-Japan Rail Pass.