Byakue-Dai Kannon Takasaki


A Buddhist temple where a 42 meter statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon, stands tall and overlooks the city of Takasaki below.

Visitors can enter the statue of Kannon and climb the steps to reach her right shoulder (about 9 floors). Along the way windows cut into the statue offer views of Takasaki city, Gunma’s mountains, and the scenery below.

Events: Every year, the Mandoue Festival (“万灯会” in Japanese) or Buddhist lantern light festival is held near the end of August at Byakue-Dai Kannon. Volunteers decorate the mountainside with thousands of small candles that lead the way up to Kannon’s statue. The collective light of the flickering lanterns illuminates the way from the shrine below to the Byakue-Dai Kannon’s temple above.

Access: Byakue-Kannon Mae bus stop (take the Kannonyama 13 bus line (bound for Nodai Niko) from Takasaki Station West Exit no.8 bus stop, about 24 min)


2710-1 Ishiharamachi, Takasaki, Gunma 370-0864
The temple area around Byakue-Dai Kannon is always open.
For those interested in climbing up inside the statue of Kannon the hours are: