Osawa Mizusawa Udon


Osawa Udon, one of the most famous udon shops around the Ikaho hot springs area, specializes in mizusawa udon: a local variety of Japanese wheat noodles that have a relatively thick and satisfying chewy texture.

Recognized as one of the three most famous types of udon noodles in Japan, mizusawa udon is usually served chilled with a soy sauce or sesame based dipping sauce.

Access: 1 min walk from the Mizusawa bus stop (take the Takasaki-Mizusawa-Ikaho Line bus from Takasaki Station bus stop no.2, about 1 hour).


377-0103 Gunma, Shibukawa, Ikahomachi Mizusawa, 125-1
MON-WED, FRI10:00AM-4:00PM