Ichirodō Café


Located in the foothills of Mt. Kannonyama in Takasaki, Ichirodō Café offers visitors a unique experience with their Buddhist-style set lunches and peaceful views of the surrounding countryside.

Relaxing in both its design and atmosphere, this café offers two seating areas: a Western-style table area and a Japanese-style tatami mat area. Once seated, guests can choose from two seasonal menu options and enjoy the light and refreshing taste of a Buddhist-style lunch. Drinks and sweets are also available from the a la carte menu. All of the food is vegetarian friendly and there are some vegan friendly options as well.

(This restaurant only accepts cash.)

Access: 2 min walk from the Byakue Kannon Mae bus stop (take the 13 Kannon-yama Line Gururin bus from bus stop no.8 in front of the Takasaki Station West Exit, about 24 min)


〒370-0864 Gunma, Takasaki, Ishiharamachi, 2710ー1