Lake Oshio


A small man-made lake located north of Tomioka where visitors can walk around and enjoy the view, rent paddle boats, and fish.

Cherry blossom trees are located all along the shores of Lake Oshio which makes early to mid spring an especially great time to visit!

Translation Note: If you search “Lake Oshio Tomioka” in Google, the results may appear as Lake Daien. However, the correct reading of the lake’s name in Japanese “大塩湖“ is Oshio and not Daien.

Access: Take the Joshin Dentetsu Line to Joshu-Tomioka Station. Transfer to the Ozawa Bus (bound for Miaygi) and get off at the Omori bus stop (about 24 min). Walk 23 min to reach Lake Oshio.


Minamigoka, Tomioka, Gunma 370-2324
Open 24 hours.