Hot Springs

Nigorinoyu-no-Yado Akagi Onsen Hotel


Café Drome

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“Umbrella Sky” Tatebayashi City Office


Oze National Park

Oze is home to a plethora of beautiful flowers. These include the Asian skunk cabbage that blossoms …

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Byakue-Dai Kannon Takasaki

A Buddhist temple where a 42 meter statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon, stands tall and overlooks…

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Former Oshi Station

A historical abandoned train station located in Nakanojo, Gunma. Oshi Station used to be a part of t…

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Ikaho Stone Steps

A long series of stone stairs (365 steps in total) that wind through the center of the famous hot sp…

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Lake Oshio

A small man-made lake located north of Tomioka where visitors can walk around and enjoy the view, re…

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Hōtokuji Temple

Hōtokuji is a Buddhist temple located in the mountains to the north-west of Kiryu Station. One th…