Hōtokuji Temple


Hōtokuji is a Buddhist temple located in the mountains to the north-west of Kiryu Station.

One thing that’s special about Hōtokuji Temple is the goregous main room (“Hondō Momiji” in Japanese) that’s completely open to the outside. From this room, there is an especially beautiful view of the Japanese maple trees in the surrounding gardens.

It’s free to enter Hōtokuji but it costs ¥300 to enter the main viewing room (during winter, spring, summer) and ¥500 to enter the room during fall (because it’s peak season for viewing red Japanese maple leaves).

Access: 1 min walk from Hōtokuji Iriguchi bus stop (Kawauchi Bus Line bound for Fukiage, departs from the north entrance of Kiryu Station)


5 Chome-1608 Kawauchicho, Kiryu, Gunma 376-0041
Open everyday9:00AM-4:00PM